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The suburb of Waterloo and Campsie is located in Sydney, the capital city of New South Wales. Bordered by the suburbs of Belfield, Croydon Park, Ashbury, Belmore, Canterbury, Kingsgrove, Clemton Park and Earlwood, Campsie is roughly 13 kilometres to the south-west of the CBD and Waterloo is 4 km is away.

Campsie is sitting on the idyllic southern banks of the Cooks River, Campsie consists of suburban residential structures, retail outlets and industrial developments. The area also has its own railway station, and a church known as the Pentecostals of Sydney. The shopping complex of Campsie Centre offers locals a discount department store in addition to supermarkets, plus an array of smaller shops specializing in particular products. The centre also contains an assortment of cafes for the pleasure and convenience of patrons, and a public library.

The Campsie Food Festival is every foodie’s dream. The one-day festival, held in May annually, regularly draws in no less than 20,000 patrons rearing to be part of the legendary celebration of gastronomy and culture. The idea behind the event is that the many ethnicities present within the Campsie and wider Sydney community showcase the best food their native country has to offer.

In addition to rows of market stalls serving up everything from kimchi to pierogis to souvlaki, a number of other attractions take place during the festival. Cultural performances are held, which exhibit more about a particular country than just its culinary traditions, as well as live cooking demonstrations so guests have a hope of recreating the dishes they sampled at home. There is also a carving display using fruit and vegetables, rides available in Anzac Park, and an SBS Radio Stage.

The nearby Cooks River Cycleway is a great option for those who prefer to keep away from the crowds, and are looking for some relaxing time spent in nature. It isn’t just cyclists who can enjoy the scenic path; many walkers, joggers and even those out for a peaceful stroll all flock to the Cooks River Cycleway. The journey from Settlers Park to Botany Bay is 23 kilometers and scattered with picturesque picnic spots beside the river.

The many parks situated between the beginning and end of the path are home to an array of native wildlife, and birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts will no doubt find what they’re looking for somewhere along the way.

For further information on the suburb of Campsie, its festivals and its nearby recreational spaces, visit the new City of Canterbury Bankstown Council website.